Honorary Co-Chairs

Cynthia Anderson and John Burress


Campaign Chair

Dek Driscoll

Honorary Cabinet

Cynthia Anderson

Marilyn B. Beach

Libby and Penny Booke

Betty and Jim Brewer

Joe Budd

Richard Budd

John Burress

David Cotterill

Marian and Jim Douglas

Skip Dunn and Mia Celano

Robbin and Don Flow

Ann and Borden Hanes

Susan and Charles Hauser

Grace and Eric Hoyle

Frank James

Dell James

Dyeann and Henry Jordan



Kelly S. King

Nancy and Gilmour Lake

Jim Martin

Doug Maynard, MD

Drewry and Christoph Nostitz

Ellen and Bill Parsley

Wendy Davis Pierce

Nancy and Ed Pleasants

Milton Rhodes

Denise and Dr. Elwood Robinson

Dick Stockton

Peggy Taylor

Catrina Thompson

Ramon Velez, MD

David Weaver

Janie Wilson

Wally Wu, MD

Karl Yena

Campaign Cabinet

Sandra Adams

Sandra Adams

Cantey Alexander

Marie Arcuri

Will Baucom

Mimi D. Bennett

Art Bloom

Bruce Brown

Michelle Butt

Kay Chalk

Chris Chapman*

Liz Chmelo

John Davis III

Dixon Douglas

Sandlin Douglas

Wilson Douglas

Dek Driscoll

Lynn Eisenberg

Jimmy Flythe

Jay Ford


Brajan Funes

Lavon Gray

Drew Hancock

Jim Hardison

Jimbo Hardison

Sue Henderson

Dr. Erin Lynch

Hof Milam*

Sylvia Oberle

Dr. Ashley Perrott

Graydon Pleasants*

Virginia Pleasants

Betty Quick

Kyle Quinlivan

Elizabeth Repetti*

Ann Garner Riddle*

Jim Ruffin

Vivien Stearns

David Townsend

Jeff Williamson, MD

*Member of Building Committee

We are thankful for the community members who are helping to support and lead this campaign.

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